Saturday, December 17, 2011


yesterday (16.12.11) would have been dads 53rd birthday.
we decided to have a special family dinner at one of his favourite restaurants to celebrate having had him in our lives.
there were tears, there was laughter.

the kindest, most wonderful, caring, loving, generous man.. father, husband, brother, son.. that we could ever have hoped for.

..missing him every day..

raising a glass to you, dad.
you live on in us. you will never be forgotten.

thank you for being all that you have been.
forever loving you, forever missing you.
forever proud to be a part of you.

your number 3 daughter.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

out come the paints.

i haven't painted in over a year! i've been missing it so much, because i find it so theraputic, and a great way to express how i'm feeling. as cheesy as that may sound.

with renting an apartment, i've been worried to paint.. because i'm a little messy. okay.. not a little. VERY messy. i don't know how i do it, but i literally end up with paint in my hair. infact, by the time i'm finished... i wouldn't be surprised if there is more paint on me, then on the canvas.

but enough is enough. renting or not! i won't be separated from my paints any longer!

here was my set up..

..and here are 3 of the canvases i finished, ready for sale.

dream' (2 canvases)
acrylic on canvas.

'new beginnings'
acrylic on canvas.

back to work i go!

over and out.. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new ink.

today has arrived. and so has my new tattoo!
i've wanted this done for a little while now, and i knew it was time to do it.

side note:
i may have gotten a little faint to start with (as i always do, and knew i would) but after a few minutes, i was fine again! all i had to do was think of dad, and the pain disappeared altogether. dad, you'll be with me forever..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my debut.

hello dearest world.

today, i have decided to start this little blog thing. i don't know much about blogging, so you'll have to bare with me.. but sitting here with a glass of wine, i thought to myself.. 'why not! maybe i do have something to say!'

so here i am. 22 years old. almost 23. since i was 14 years old, i've had this idea in my head that the year of my 22nd birthday, would be my year. as it turns out, it's without a doubt been the toughest year of my life. figures. (hence the glass of wine).

someone wise once told me that 'everythings temporary'. and sadly, i've come to realise that that is absolutely the truth. a painful lesson of recent times, but now i refuse to let the days pass me by without making the most of them. what is the point of life, if you don't live it?

i fill my life with family, friends, laughing, good food, sewing, DIY, painting.. and anything else creative that keeps my mind occupied and pushes me forward.

there is a chance that i am a little obssessed with sewing. i can't seem to stop. but that's okay.. i basically want it to consume my life!

currently living in beautiful perth, australia, but am thinking of moving to melbourne in the next couple months. life is crazy, messy and all over the place.. but never dull. and for that i'm thankful.

i've just finished one dress.. which i wore to a best friends engagement party on saturday. i've finally found a style that works well for my figure! quite the achievement.

todays project? sewing (of course)! i've landed myself a whole heap of vintage patterns. slightly over excited! back to work i go..

over and out.. :)