Saturday, November 26, 2011

out come the paints.

i haven't painted in over a year! i've been missing it so much, because i find it so theraputic, and a great way to express how i'm feeling. as cheesy as that may sound.

with renting an apartment, i've been worried to paint.. because i'm a little messy. okay.. not a little. VERY messy. i don't know how i do it, but i literally end up with paint in my hair. infact, by the time i'm finished... i wouldn't be surprised if there is more paint on me, then on the canvas.

but enough is enough. renting or not! i won't be separated from my paints any longer!

here was my set up..

..and here are 3 of the canvases i finished, ready for sale.

dream' (2 canvases)
acrylic on canvas.

'new beginnings'
acrylic on canvas.

back to work i go!

over and out.. :)

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